Reflective Blinds was the first blind manufacturer to have its blinds included in the Blind Manufacturers Association of Australia’s Blind Energy Rating Scheme.
Now it has been joined by three of the major blind manufacturers of solar control blinds.

This means that internal blinds are no longer an item of design, occupant comfort and privacy. They can now be seriously considered for energy savings and green house gas reduction.

The stand out best performers of all the blinds tested in the scheme are the best of our range of transparent or “see through” internal blinds.

They are best of all internal blinds tested at reducing solar heat gain and only a little less effective than an external awning when it is totally shading the window, but better than the awning when the sun peeps under it or when the wind comes up and the awning has to be put away.

Of all the “day time” or “see through” blinds, the best Reflective Blinds are the best at solar heat reduction, the best at glare reduction and the best at fade protection.
All Reflective Blinds are the most transparent: as clear as sunglasses to see through.

Reflective Blinds are not only energy rated under the BMAA’s Blind Energy Rating Scheme, they have since 2003 been rated under WERS: the Windows Energy Rating Scheme. Using those ratings and NatHERS, the CSIRO computer program to energy rate houses, it can be shown that Reflective Blinds make a significant difference to a house energy rating.

So where the VIEW is important, where the sun’s HEAT is oppressive, where furnishings need protecting, where the GLARE is oppressive, the BMAA’s Blind Energy Ratings has shown that the best of the Reflective Blinds range are the best and their use will result in real energy savings and green house gas reduction.