Some of the best views are lost when the sun shines. Whether your outlook is onto water, a tree studded reserve or just the world outside, it is a shame to lose it every time the sun streams in.

Reflective Blinds solar roller blinds:
–  reduce the heat of the sun: it’s like sitting in the shade
–  protect furniture and furnishings from fading
–  reduce glare
–  give daytime privacy

When the sun leaves your window your Reflective Roller Blind can be rolled away for natural daylight or a night time view.

A home window with a Reflective Blind solar heat & glare reducing roller blind installed.
Comparison image of Reflective Blind film to Screen Fabric

Reflective Blinds® are a far better choice for your first window dressing between the glass and your block out blind or curtain drapes. They reduce glare and give you clear views and privacy during the day.

Reflective Blinds® have among the best percentages for heat, glare and UV ratings.

Reflective Blinds have 16 stylish solar film options
to solve your glare, heat and reflection problems,
without compromising your view.

Depending on your choice of solar film you can enjoy the benefits:

Energy rejection up to 83%
Cut reflectance up to 63%
Cut glare up to 97%
UV Reduction over 99%
Reduce heat loss up to 45%
Download Film Specification Guide

Film types and specifications

Depending on the film you select you can control the level of protection you require according to your needs. We have a great range of films available,some with silver reflective for maximum protection as well as embossed and our always popular grey and bronze tinted films. Download our guide to see which film might suit you and if you are unsure please get in touch and we can recommend something specific to your needs.

Download Film Specification Guide

Our Reflective Blinds:

  • let you enjoy your view

  • reduce glare

  • keep you cool in the summer

  • roll away when not required

  • keep you warm in winter

  • protect your furniture from fading

  • give you daytime privacy