A skylight blind can effectively block light when it’s too bright as well as reduce both heat into the room and energy loss.

Skylights provide a magical view of the sky from the comfort of your own home. Lettings in beams of natural sunlight, they add character and an extra element to your home.

However, these windows tend to warrant unwanted heat gain during summer and cold drafts during the winter. With skylights usually being high on the ceiling and sometimes difficult to reach, skylight blinds provide a great solution to block unwanted sunlight, glare and insulate your home.

Our skylight blinds are custom made and perfect for most skylight designs, we offer a number of operating options that will suit your needs including motorised and cord driven.

We offer both Blockout and reflective see through films in many stylish colours to complement and enhance the décor of your home.

A skylight blind is excellent for controlling light, insulation and energy savings as well as protection for your carpets and furniture from UV damage.

Our Skylight See Through Reflective & Complete Blockout Blinds:

  • are economical

  • reduce glare

  • keep you cool in the summer

  • roll away when not required

  • keep you warm in winter

  • are easy to install

  • protect your furniture from fading

  • are easy to control

Shade your windows from the sun and defend against the cool draughts of winter.

Our products are all custom made to your measurements and we enjoy a challenge so if you have a unique application requiring a solution please get in touch with us. We ship all over Australia from our Warehouse in Melbourne Victoria.

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