Reflective Blinds is the first product from the Windows Furnishing Industry to be included in the Windows Energy Rating Scheme (WERS).

A new dimension for the WERs, Windows Energy Rating Scheme. Until now, owners, architects, designers and specifiers have only been able to manipulate the window frame design and the glass for their NatHERs/WERs energy ratings. Now a third degree of choice is being added to the equation. Reflective Blinds can turn a two star window into a five star window.

Reflective Blinds, the transparent sun reflecting blind which reduces solar HEAT gain, GLARE and FADE, while preserving the VIEW, has been added by the Australian Windows Council to the Windows Energy Rating Scheme.

Reflective Blinds is the first product from the Window Furnishing Industry to be included, but this inclusion heralds a new era in energy saving windows and should encourage other energy conserving window furnishings manufacturers to put their products forward for inclusion.

The performance claims made for Reflective Blinds have been known for years, but this scheme legitimises the claims.

The computer modelling software is the same as that used by the US National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). It has been thoroughly validated against laboratory tests in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom — in all climates, hot and cold. WERS is truly international in its derivation and draws on over 100 person-years of R&D in 15 countries over the last decade.

Reflective Blinds / Energy Shield is a fully licensed participant in the Window Energy Rating Scheme (Australasian Window Council, 2002). Custom energy ratings for Reflective Blinds products, in their most basic form, denote the performance improvement provided by each product when used in conjunction with a typical, 3mm clear glass, aluminium framed window. Energy ratings are based on optical measurements and computer modelling by means of software from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA, and the WERS Program (AWC 2002).

Energy Rating for windows is here to stay. Certified energy performance is an essential part of the information that professional companies provide to their customers. The Australian Federal Government�s Australian Greenhouse Office is helping to underwrite WERS as part of its commitment to improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse emissions from the built environment. The market profile and returns from high-performance windows are increasing rapidly. Gone are the days when windows were just a commodity to be sold on price alone. WERS will be referenced by AS 2047 and the Building Code of Australia.

The Australasian Window Council is the peak body for the window product and component industry in Australia and New Zealand. The AWA is a major player in that body. WERS is independent of any one manufacturer and acts as a fair, rigorous and credible system for testing performance claims.

Reflective Blinds are transparent sun control blinds, a day time blind, a blind you have to have when you would rather not have a blind at all: they are as clear as sun glasses to see through. Made from a laminated, metalized polyester film, very similar to the film which can be adhered to glass, Reflective Blind film is about four times thicker than window film and is made specifically for use in blinds. The reflective medium, which is laminated inside the polyester is aluminium, so thin you can see through it, but very effective as solar reflector.

Reflective Blinds have been under development and on the Australian market for over twenty six years. They come in a range of colours, degrees of reflectivity and visible light transmission.

Some of the best views are already protected by Reflective Blinds.

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