Our Reflective Blinds are so useful in many unique applications. From residential to boats and airports, service stations and cabins that move we have a solution for your window heat and glare issues.

Our products are all custom made to your measurements and we enjoy a challenge so if you have a unique application requiring a solution please get in touch with us.

Service Stations2018-08-01T19:12:11+10:00

If glare and heat are an issue at your service station you can rely on the extensive experience Reflective Blinds has with retailers such as Woolworths Petrol, BP, 7Eleven, Shell and more. As custom manufacturers we can tailor make to suit your requirements.

Skylight Blinds2018-08-01T19:08:39+10:00

Reduce the heat and glare with our Skylight Reflective Blind system. Perfect for many skylight designs we offer a number of operating options that will suit your needs. We offer both Blockout and reflective films.

Cabins That Move2018-08-01T19:19:40+10:00

Our Reflective Blind Cassette Blinds are also your solution for use on cabs and vehicles that move. Maintain your visibility with our robust blind system that is perfect for reducing glare and heat into the cab.

Boats & Ships2018-08-01T18:57:28+10:00

Our Reflective Blind Cassette Blinds are your solution for use on the ships bridge and other sun affected windows. Crews have to cope with both the direct rays of the sun and reflection off the water, glare is the primary problem, yet they need to be able to see clearly at all times.

Commercial & Offices2018-08-01T18:55:48+10:00

Maximise comfort and productivity in the office and in commercial buildings with our Reflective Blinds solutions. Glare and other optical distractions will be greatly reduced, providing a great ambience for computers and other displays to be used effectively.

Residential Blinds2018-08-01T18:52:28+10:00

Reduce solar heat and irritating glare in the home by up to 83% preserving vista or beautiful garden views. Restore the view that came with your home.

Airport & Maritime Control Towers2018-08-01T18:53:39+10:00

As the number one preferred supplier of Reflective Blinds to air traffic and maritime control towers, we have decades of industry experience.

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