Maximise comfort and productivity in the office and in commercial buildings with our Reflective Blinds® solutions. Glare and other optical distractions will be greatly reduced, providing a great ambience for computers and other displays to be used effectively.

Our products are all custom made to your measurements and we enjoy a challenge, so if you have a unique application requiring a solution please get in touch with us.

Depending on your choice of solar film you can enjoy the benefits:

Energy rejection up to 83%
Cut reflectance up to 63%
Cut glare up to 97%
UV Reduction over 99%
Reduce heat loss up to 45%

Our Reflective Blinds:

  • let you enjoy your view

  • reduce glare

  • keep you cool in the summer

  • roll away when not required

  • keep you warm in winter

  • protect your furniture from fading

  • give you daytime privacy