Reflective Blinds Have An Excellent Fire Rating

They can be used in almost any window.

They have been tested by the CSIRO Division of Building, Construction and Engineering, under AS/NZS 3837:1998 and have been classified Group 1, in accordance with Specification A2.4 of the Building Code of Australia. They have an average specific extinction area significantly less than the required 250 m²/kgfor all Reflective Blind films currently on range.

Refer to Specification C1.10a section 3(c) of the Building Code of Australia

Being rated for inclusion in Group 1.means that they are suitable for use in all areas of the following classes of buildings both sprinklered and unsprinklered:

Class 2 & 3: Sole occupancy units.

Class 3 or 9a: Accommodation for the aged, people with disabilities, children & health care.

Class 5: Buildings, open plan offices with a minimum floor dimension/floor to ceiling height ratio > 5.

Class 6: Buildings, shops or other with a minimum floor dimension/floor to ceiling height ratio > 5.

Class 7,8 or 9b: Schools & classrooms

Class 9b: Other than schools: theatres and halls, etc, auditoriums.

Class 9c: Aged care buildings, resident use areas.

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Caution: The films from which Reflective Blinds are manufactured, are made specially for the proprietors of Reflective Blinds. It cannot be assumed that these results apply to any similar product.