Any sun affected window, but they are a blind you have when you would really prefer not to have a blind at all, so they work best in a window with a view.

Some of the best views are lost when the sun shines. Whether the outlook is onto water, a tree studded reserve or just the world outside, it is a shame to lose it every time the sun shines.

Reflective Blinds are truly transparent. 

  1. reduce the heat of the sun: It’s like sitting in the shade.
  2. protect furniture and furnishings from fade.
  3. reduce glare.
  4. give day time privacy.

All while you retain your view.

For a Reflective Blind to reach its full potential it must be placed where it can take, and reflect the full force of the sun. Therefore Reflective Blinds are always installed in front of all other blinds and curtains. It is always the closest window furnishing to the glass.

Reflective Blinds are also ideal in high wind areas, locations where you cannot safely have an awning. Here the Reflective Blind, safely fitted behind glass can go on working regardless of the strength of the wind. They have been used successfully in homes, offices and factories. You will see them protecting the cashier and the chocolates in service stations. They are used by air traffic controllers in airports around the world and on the bridges of ships.