They are truly transparent:

  • Reflective Blinds are as clear as your sunglasses.
  • You could say that they put sunglasses on your windows.

Sun protection: Reflective blinds offer excellent protection from the sun.

  • The performance of a Reflective Blind depends on which film is used, the more reflective the blind film the more effective the blind.
  • Reduction in solar Heat Gain: ( see question #6. )
  • Glare reduction: better than most sun glasses, Reflective Blinds reduce glare by between 90% and 97%.
  • Fade Protection: Ultra violet rays of the sun are like the noisiest kid in the class, they get all the blame. In reality though they only do about 55% of the damage. Reflective Blinds films stop more than 99% of the U.V. rays. This together with about 93% to 97% of the visible rays, and at least 80% to 90% of the infra red rays from the sun will increase the life of furniture and furnishings by a factor of 8 to 10. This means that if carpets take four years to fade to a certain point with no protection at all, that they will take between 32 and 40 years to degrade to the same degree when protected by Reflective Blinds.

Winter Warmth: Reflective blinds will reduce winter heat loss by up to 45%, depending on how they are installed.

Day time Privacy: Reflective Blinds work like a one way mirror during the day giving excellent day time privacy. There is a security element to this in that you cannot see in through a Reflective Blind during the day, or at night when the lights are turned off.

Washable: Although some users never need to clean their Reflective Blinds, they can be cleaned. With care even paint spatters can be removed without harm.

Reflective blinds are tough, durable and sun rot resistant.