It depends on the model.

Deluxe Reflective Roller Blinds are installed at the top of the window reveal. They are operated by a continuous loop chain at one side, and roll down the window inside the glass. Each blind sits in two brackets, each of which is held in place by two screws. they can be face or ceiling fixed.

Reflective Cord Actuated Blinds are installed, usually under glass roofs or sloping windows. They are on a spring loaded roller and are drawn up or down the slope of the glass by a single cord which is fitted to the middle of the lath. The cord then runs through a series of pulleys to a cleat. The cleat holds the blind in tension against the spring loaded roller.

Reflective blinds for Skydomes (Skydome Industries) are very similar to the cord actuated model. The blind is Inside a cassette which is fastened to the metal parts of the Dome.

Reflective Blinds are usually held in place with screws, but we do use a range of sophisticated fastenings for more unusual installations.