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  • Reflective Blinds Have An Excellent Fire Rating

    Reflective Blinds Have An Excellent Fire Rating

    They can be used in almost any window. They have been tested by the CSIRO Division of Building, Construction and Engineering, under AS/NZS 3837:1998 and have been classified Group 1, in accordance […]

  • What Are Reflective Blinds?

    Reflective Blinds are transparent, internal, sun control blinds. They come as Roller Blinds: Deluxe sidewinder chain operated for normal vertical windows. Cord Actuated Blinds which are usually fitted to glass […]

  • What Are Reflective Blinds Made From?

    The thing that makes Reflective Blinds unique, is that they are made from laminated polyester film. The film has a thin coating of aluminium sandwiched between the laminations. The polyester […]

  • How/Why Do They Work?

    To keep this simple, we will talk of the two most significant mechanisms a Reflective Blind uses to insulate your window: Reflection to reduce solar heat gain, this is by far […]

  • Where Do They Work Best?

    Any sun affected window, but they are a blind you have when you would really prefer not to have a blind at all, so they work best in a window […]

  • Is There Any Application Where They Aren’t Suitable?

    Reflective Blinds give no night time privacy, so they are not a substitute for conventional blinds or curtains in the evening. They are not a decorator product in the normal […]

  • Where do You Get Your Figures From? What is Solar Heat Gain Anyway?

    The performance claims made for Reflective Blinds has been done under the Windows Energy Rating Scheme using the same computer modelling software as used by the US National Fenestration Rating […]

  • What Are The Features and Advantages of a Reflective Blind?

    They are truly transparent: Reflective Blinds are as clear as your sunglasses. You could say that they put sunglasses on your windows. Sun protection: Reflective blinds offer excellent protection from the […]

  • Are There Any Disadvantages?

    You can crease them. You can crush them. You can scratch them. All of which you can do to most other blinds, but you can’t tear them. While they are […]

  • How Are They Installed?

    It depends on the model. Deluxe Reflective Roller Blinds are installed at the top of the window reveal. They are operated by a continuous loop chain at one side, and roll […]


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